Terms and Conditions

1. Preface

MeetYourMessenger recommends you to read the following terms and conditions attentively, to ensure that you have fully understood and accepted the terms governing the use of its service. By subscribing to MeetYourMessenger, you commit yourself to respect them. If you cannot commit yourself to respect these terms, you cannot subscribe to MeetYourMessenger.

Please understand that these terms are not there to limit your personal freedom, but to make your experience on our site as great as possible.

MeetYourMessenger is a platform that enables you to get exclusive digital coupons, discounts and deals every month.

One of the most interesting features of this platform is that it allows you to get all kinds of coupons and offers.

You can receive popular grocery items coupons, clothing coupons, flowers coupons, electronics coupons, travel coupons, etc.

Each month, MeetYourMessenger sends you a great coupon. Dynamic and close to reality, the platform therefore allows you to get access to useful offers in order to make your everyday life easier, happier, and help you save money.

2. Legal information

Digital Waves Business SL, Identification Number: B92896471, Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 144. Fuengirola (29640) Málaga.

3. Validity of the terms and conditions

3.1. Application

These current Terms and Conditions version 04.03.2016 apply as from the 4th of March 2016.

3.2. Modification/changes

MeetYourMessenger reserves the right to change the current terms and conditions at any time. When any changes are made, the new terms and conditions will be published on the website and you have 30 days to make yourself familiar with them. After the 30 days any existing member will be considered to have accepted the changes. Members should stay updated and regularly visit these terms on the site.

In case parts of these terms should be found invalid, the remaining terms are maintained and will remain valid.

3.3. Reference language

When MeetYourMessenger has provided you with a translated version of its terms, you agree that the translation is provided for your convenience only and that the original English version will take precedence in case of any dispute with the site.

If there is any contradiction between what the English version of our terms says and what a translation says, the English version shall take precedence.

4. Member's responsibility

4.1. Conditions of the profile creation

By subscribing to MeetYourMessenger.com, you accept the terms and conditions listed below. You also accept MeetYourMessenger's privacy policy as indicated in the article « Privacy and respect to private life ». If you do not accept the terms and conditions, you cannot subscribe to MeetYourMessenger.com.

Access to MeetYourMessenger's services is limited to its members. In order to subscribe to MeetYourMessenger, you must be at least 13 years old.

You are not allowed to enter other people's e-mail addresses or to use a fake e-mail address.

When you subscribe to MeetYourMessenger, you are providing some information. These are: your name and surname, e-mail address, address. If you do not wish to provide this information, you cannot subscribe to MeetYourMessenger.

The three commandments of the MeetYourMessenger member:

N° 1. You are responsible for all your data being truthful and genuine.
N° 2. You are responsible for third party use of your information, as well as activities or statements coming from your account no matter if these are correct or not.
N° 3. You agree to the indemnification of MeetYourMessenger with regards to responsibility, demands and costs that may occur as a result of your violation to this agreement or to your profile on MeetYourMessenger.

4.2. Terms of use of the profile

You must take full responsibility of the equipment necessary to navigate on MeetYourMessenger (e.g. computer, software, telecommunication systems etc.). Equivalently, the cost incurred by using said equipment lies with you.

4.3. Intellectual property

All rights to immaterial property of MeetYourMessenger such as brands, copyrights, texts, pictures and logos are protected by copyright laws. The user is not allowed to use these rights both directly and indirectly by copying, reproducing or using part of the site without prior written permission from MeetYourMessenger, as this will constitute a breach of the mentioned rights. Actions that violate MeetYourMessenger's immaterial rights will be counteracted with an injunction from the tribunal without warning.

4.4. Deletion

MeetYourMessenger reserves the right to delete profiles which have, according to the site, a behavior irreconcilable with its principles. You are only allowed to use MeetYourMessenger for private use. It is thus strictly forbidden to use the site for professional, advertisement, promotional or commercial purposes. It is also against the rules to use the site to spread content that could be construed as offensive to other members (based on race, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs).

4.5. Exclusions

MeetYourMessenger reserves the right to exclude a member, without warning, in the following cases:

- Service abuse
- Violation of the current terms and conditions
- Illegal behavior, non-ethical, irresponsible or any other behavior that could be construed as harassment
- Profiles considered to be fake
- General inacceptable behavior as defined by the site

Any behavior considered as in direct violation with the law will be reported to the relevant authorities, including the IP address of the member, time of creation of the subscription and any other necessary information.

5. MeetYourMessenger's responsibility

5.1. Commitments of MeetYourMessenger

MeetYourMessenger commits itself:

Not to artificially develop its members' base, whether by the creation of fake profiles or by moderators.

To permanently delete from its database information that makes up a profile when a member cancels his subscription. This is the reason why a profile cannot be restored once canceled.

To answer within the shortest time messages sent to the customer service department.

To permanently delete from its database a member's e-mail address when the latter makes such a request via the support.

5.2. Limited responsibility

MeetYourMessenger is not responsible to the user for:

Any direct or indirect loss that exceeds the amount the user has paid to the site.

5.3. Social responsibility of MeetYourMessenger

As an international company, MeetYourMessenger accepts its social responsibility wherever the country it operates in. MeetYourMessenger tries to respect the culture as well as the traditions of each country, taking into consideration each of their concerns. MeetYourMessenger tries to respect ethical values via technical and manual initiatives, as well as a close dialogue with our members.

MeetYourMessenger gives a high importance to:

5.4. Customer Service

MeetYourMessenger's customer service is internally managed to provide a quick response and assistance of high quality to its members. You can contact the customer service department via email at: support@meetyourmessenger.com

5.5. Spamming, scamming, fishing

MeetYourMessenger has developed a security filter that limits the number of spammers and scammers on its site.

A number of problems encountered on the internet are known and recurring. Some organizations and authorities do everything they can to inform internet users. MeetYourMessenger strongly recommends you to visit the following websites which contain a wealth of information to protect your private life as well as that of your close friends and family:

INHOPE (International network cooperation against illegal Internet content): INHOPE is a worldwide network of hotlines that deals with reports of illegal Internet content. This is where organizations from all over the world work together to create common standards for hotline operation and fighting illegal use of the Internet.

Get Safe Online: Simply browsing the internet can be dangerous. Malicious websites contain viruses and spyware and criminals create fake sites to steal personal information. With Get Safe Online, learn how to protect yourself on the Internet.

5.6. Privacy and respect to private life

By accepting these terms and conditions, you accept the privacy policy as described below. You are recommended to read it carefully before accepting it. If you do not accept this privacy policy, you cannot subscribe to MeetYourMessenger.

6. Data collected during the profile creation

When subscribing to MeetYourMessenger, you may be receiving e-mails from MeetYourMessenger under the following forms:

E-mails: welcoming you on the website, informing you about the last news or offers, deals and coupons available. We may also send you your password in case you have forgotten it.

Commercial offers and Newsletter: these can be either based on your interests or we can choose to send an offer to all of our members. They are exclusively sent from MeetYourMessenger or partner websites.

Updates: regarding MeetYourMessenger, as well as information about cooperations between MeetYourMessenger and third parties.

User surveys: asking you to participate to MeetYourMessenger surveys (measuring members' expectations...)

In addition to the content mentioned above, e-mails sent by MeetYourMessenger may also include contents (ultimately advertising) originating from third parties based on the interests indicated by MeetYourMessenger members.

Users can cancel their consent to receive e-mails from MeetYourMessenger at any time by contacting the customer service department.

6.1. Data collected whilst in use

When you subscribe to MeetYourMessenger, you accept that your information will be stored on MeetYourMessenger servers and that part of it may be shared with third parties.

MeetYourMessenger uses so-called "cookies". A "cookie" is a small file which is stored on your computer, containing an identification of the computer for MeetYourMessenger. Cookies are used to enhance your experience on the site, for instance by remembering your e-mail address.

If you do not want "cookies" to be used, you can turn off this function in your Internet browser. However, this might reduce the website's features.

In connection with every visit to MeetYourMessenger, your IP address, as well as e-mail address, is recorded. Your IP address is the address of the computer you use to connect to MeetYourMessenger. The IP address is registered to ensure that MeetYourMessenger is always capable of locating the computer used at any time in case of abuse or illegal activities on the website. It is for this reason that the IP address is stored after the cancelation of a subscription by a member.

6.2. Use of data

Information held about you by MeetYourMessenger is used in different ways.

Generally, the information you provide us with is used to build MeetYourMessenger's website.

More specifically, your name and e-mail address are used to identify you on MeetYourMessenger so that we can contact you and send you coupons within the platform. Your e-mail address is also used to send you e-mails as described in the article "Data collected during the profile creation".

Your postcode is used to locate you geographically so that your experience from using MeetYourMessenger can be improved. It will make it possible for you to get coupons that you can use in your local area.

MeetYourMessenger may use information you provide in connection with your use of our service to try to improve it, by analyzing the way you use the website. For instance, cookies and IP addresses are used to examine which parts of the site you use the most and to provide you with a service that best meets your expectations.

6.3. Sharing of information

You accept that in the case of any abuse of our service by you or other members, the information that we have at our disposal, such as your IP address, may be passed on to the relevant authorities if they make such a demand.

MeetYourMessenger is entitled to disclose all information that exists about you on the site to third parties if it is done anonymously or if the third party is subject to a confidentiality agreement. Such disclosure can for instance be in connection with analysis of statistics collected on the site, market studies or in preparation for advertisements on MeetYourMessenger.

6.4. Data processing/use by a third party

MeetYourMessenger may use an external company to carry out the technical maintenance of the site. In that case, the company will be handling data under the responsibility of MeetYourMessenger.

Any company handling data for MeetYourMessenger will be subject to the same requirements as MeetYourMessenger regarding confidentiality.

If parts or all of MeetYourMessenger are transferred to a third party, you must accept that your personal data held by MeetYourMessenger can be passed on to this third party as long as the same terms of privacy are maintained.

7. Right to access and to correction

If you discover that your information is incorrect, you have the opportunity to correct it (except your e-mail address so MeetYourMessenger can identify your profile). To do so, make such a request to MeetYourMessenger's customer service who will then make the correction within a reasonable time.

Pursuant to the provisions of Organic Act 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Personal Data, you are hereby informed and expressly and unequivocally consent to the incorporation of your personal data to the personal data files held by Digital Waves Business SL, who owns MeetYourMessenger, and to the processing of said data for the purposes of financial, accounting, tax and administrative management and for the management of providers. The Data Controller of the relevant files is: Digital Waves Business SL with registered office at Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 144. Fuengirola (29640) Málaga.

You are hereby informed of the transfer of your personal data to the Spanish State Tax Agency to comply with obligations imposed by applicable legislation and to banking entities for the purposes of payment of receipts.

You further acknowledge and expressly and unequivocally agree to Digital Waves Business SL communicating your identification and business contact details, as well as any other data as may potentially be collected from the e-mails you exchange with Digital Waves Business SL, to any service providers who, in their capacity as data processors, may require access to those personal data to adequately perform the services contracted with Digital Waves Business SL in relation to the "Google Sites" service, and who may be located outside the European Economic Area, even in countries not granting an equivalent level of protection. In particular, you expressly consent to the communication of your personal data to Google España, with registered office at Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1, Madrid, for the above purposes, save where otherwise expressly provided.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition at the address of Digital Waves Business SL, and may for such purposes use any of Digital Waves Business SL communication channels, either personally at their offices by written notice by ordinary mail to the Data Controller or sending an e-mail to the following address: support@meetyourmessenger.com. Any requests regarding the cancellation of the subscription or refunds should be addressed to MeetYourMessenger's customer service department via email to: support@meetyourmessenger.com

E-mail : support@meetyourmessenger.com
Mail : Digital Waves Business SL Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 144. Fuengirola (29640) Málaga

The user's request must contain the following information:

1. Email address and Name associated with the subscription to MeetYourMessenger.
2. Detailed request.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting MeetYourMessenger's customer service department at support@meetyourmessenger.com.

7.1. Modifications/Amendments

These terms for privacy can be modified or amended by MeetYourMessenger according to the same rules that are applicable to the rest of these terms as mentioned in the article "Validity of the terms and conditions". The applicable terms can be found at any time on MeetYourMessenger.com

8. Price and payment conditions

To access MeetYourMessenger's services, you have to pay a subscription fee.

8.1 Promotional offers

Promotional offers including a welcome gift (a free product coupon) are limited to one per household and per person and valid until stocks last. In other words, a household can only receive one of the gifts displayed in our promotional offers. When signing up to a promotional offer, members do not have the option to ask for a gift displayed in a different promotional offer.

In the case where MeetYourMessenger runs out of stock of a particular product, the same product in a different colour or a similar product of identical value will be sent to the member.

In order to receive the welcome gift and/or redeem a coupon, the member will have to hand fill the coupon and send it along with a proof of residence including a valid address (water, electricity, telephone or internet bill less than 3 months old) by e-mail to the following address: support@meetyourmessenger.com. Copies of a passport or ID card will not be accepted.

Please note that no welcome gift and/or product will be sent without proof of residence in order to avoid fraud.

Welcome gifts will be sent within the earliest possible time from the moment the proof of residence is received and validated by our shipping department. In case of late delivery, MeetYourMessenger cannot be held responsible as the welcome gift is offered to the customer for trying out our services.

In the case where the welcome gift has to be sent back to MeetYourMessenger by the member, shipping fees will be the responsibility of the member. Requests for refunds for shipping fees will not be considered.

Please note that MeetYourMessenger cannot be held responsible if the welcome gift is defective.

8.3. Recurrent subscription

Subscription to MeetYourMessenger is recurrent. This means that your subscription is automatically renewed if you do not cancel it before renewal date.

Some subscriptions start with a trial offer at preferential rates and/or a welcome gift. You can cancel your subscription at any time without further commitments as long as the cancellation reached MeetYourMessenger no later than 72 hours before the next subscription period begins in order for the subscription not to be renewed.

Simply contact the Customer Service Department via email at support@meetyourmessenger.com and one of our support agents will cancel your subscription for you.

8.4. Right to refunds

MeetYourMessenger's intention is to satisfy all its customers and is therefore offering a "30 Day Money-Back guarantee" if you are not satisfied with the services. All paying members may exercise their right to request a refund within the given limitations of this policy. If you would like a refund you can send an email to support@meetyourmessenger.com and an agent will personally get in touch with you.

MeetYourMessenger will refund any customer submitting their request within 30 days of payment.

8.5. Terms of payment

Payment on MeetYourMessenger can only be made via bank cards listed on our site, such as: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, and American Express.

Payments are secured by an SSL encryption and MeetYourMessenger has no access to your card details at any time as all information is handled by an online payment service provider.

Card details provided by the member must be its own. In case of fraud with respect to the bank card, MeetYourMessenger cannot be held responsible. In case of dispute regarding the payment, members must immediately inform MeetYourMessenger via the customer service department (support@meetyourmessenger.com)

MeetYourMessenger reserves the right to modify payment terms, prices as well as the content of offers and services. These changes take effect immediately for all new users. All subscription information is available on the platform.

9. Invoicing and coupons

When purchasing any product, subscription or service from MeetYourMessenger, you acknowledge that invoices and coupons are only issued electronically. You can access your invoices and/or coupons from the confirmation e-mail you receive after subscribing to our service or directly from your dashboard on MeetYourMessenger.com. Each month, a new coupon will be issued in your dashboard.

10. Applicable laws and relevant legislation

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish legislation.

With express renunciation of any other jurisdiction that may apply, MeetYourMessenger and the user are subject to that of the courts and tribunals of the domicile of the latter for any disputes regarding the interpretation and implementation of these Terms and Conditions, the access to this website, and the use of its services. If the user is domiciled out of Spain, MeetYourMessenger and the user, with express renunciation of any other jurisdiction, will submit to the courts and tribunals applicable in every case according to the applicable rules and legislation.

Responsible for dataprocessing

Digital Waves Business SL, Identification Number: B92896471, Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 144. Fuengirola (29640) Málaga.